Created by Vidjet

The simplest way to publish videos on websites

  • All-in-one video player to easily publish videos at scale
  • 4 video formats: Embed, Bubble, Pop-up & Sticky Play Button
  • Multiple customization & segmentation options for on-brand videos
  • In-depth video analytics

The Vidjet video player allows you to easily distribute videos on multiple web pages at scale. If you upload a video, customize it, and then publish it on your site as quickly as you take your morning coffee, you’ll have it on your site in no time. With our pop-up, bubble, sticky play button, and embed options, you’ll be able to collect email addresses, offer discount codes, or impress your visitors with your awesome products. – Grow your online store Choose one of four formats we offer: Pop-up, bubble, sticky play button, or embed.Personalized video campaigns can increase customer engagement, trust, and ultimately conversions by using simple segmentation and triggers that can be set up. – Analyze your video data Our smart video player provides you with in-depth analytics and video performance data that other players do not. From the number of clicks on the videos CTAs to the number of conversions that Vidjet triggers, you can utilize data to make informed decisions. – Who is responsible for recording the videos?Anybody can participate, whether it is you, your marketers, designers, store managers, or ambassadors (UGC). We also offer pre-made videos that will help you get started right away. – How do you record videos? Just use your own device and upload them to Vidjet from your computer. Give it an authentic look and you will receive more engagement and trust from the audience.