Twik Store Personalization

Created by Twik

Boost Sales & Increase Revenues Autonomously

  • Personalize menus and product catalogues.
  • Improve add-to-cart ratios. Lower cart abandonment rates.
  • Increase AOV and conversion rates. Boost sales and revenues.
  • No setup. No maintenance required. Fully autonomous.

By understanding shoppers and predicting their intentions, Twik boosts sales by presenting shoppers with products they are actually seeking. With automatic personalizations, Twik is able to increase sales by providing shoppers with exactly what they want. Twik creates a unique experience for each user. No configuration or maintenance is required. Twik is a way to increase sales without increasing traffic. No configuration, no editing, no drag-and-drop, and no changes or additions to code are needed.It is easy to set up the app, select what personalizations you would like for your visitors, and then all you have to do is add it to your website. In addition, Twik is a cookie-free app; instead of using cookies, it uses proprietary technology to pinpoint users, so it is more accurate and GDPR-compliant as a result. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Twik continuously learns your visitors and their behavior to the fullest extent possible; twik then implements automated personalizations that allow you to tailor your website for your visitors based on their behavior.It is important to note that the targeting of Twik will initially only apply to a small portion of your eligible store visitors, but as it learns which personalizations increase sales to which user segments, it will gradually balance the delivery (more or less than 50%) to maximize your sales and revenues.