TrackiPal PayPal Tracking Sync

Created by TrackiPal

Auto-sync PayPal tracking info in real-time

  • Automatically sync order tracking info to your PayPal account
  • Works in real-time so your PayPal account is always up to date
  • Reduce, and even remove the PayPal rolling reserve on your merchant account
  • Get your PayPal funds up to 15X faster and get fewer disputes and chargebacks

With TrackiPal, you will no longer have to manually enter your order tracking info into PayPal, which allows you to focus on running your store rather than wasting time on meeting ridiculous merchant requirements. In terms of TrackiPal’s Key Capabilities: 1. Synchronized PayPal updates in real-time TrackiPal enables instant automatic synchronization of shipped order tracking with your PayPal account. There is no need to manually input the order details one by one.The TrackiPal sync management tool has an extremely intuitive interface that reflects the status of the sync in real time. With its robust automation features, you can effortlessly modify carrier names, add digital product tracking, and even adjust the name of the carrier. 3. Increase your cash flow and dispute management TrackiPal assists your ecommerce store in streamlining their PayPal transactions, lowering the occurrence of disputes or chargebacks, and accelerating the availability of funds by up to 10 times.Data protection with PayPal API and GDPR compliance is one of the most important aspects of TrackiPal. We utilize PayPal’s API to sync your data securely. Since we are a GDPR-compliant application, we prioritize the privacy and security of your data. Get started with TrackiPal today!