Tracking Page

Created by Tracking Page

Tracking page for your Wix store site!

  • Allow customers to search for their tracking status directly from your website.
  • View tracking queries history to engage in real time customer support.
  • Customizable widget, to show only what matters for your needs.
  • Encourage customers to return to your branded tracking page – Good for your site’s SEO.

We provide our customers with a seamless and intuitive way to track their shipments through our Tracking Page App, revolutionizing the online shopping experience. The app is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Wix store site, keeping your customers informed from the moment of purchase until delivery, offering real-time updates on order status.As a result of its user-friendly features and customizable options, the app not only improves the customer experience, but also supports your brand in building trust and transparency in the buying process.