Live Chat Alternative

Created by Live Chat Alternative

Let visitors call you for free from your site.

  • Receive visitors calls straight to your mobile or landline phone.
  • Customers can call youur phone for free from anywhere in the world.
  • Let your site visitors get in touch with you by phone or message.
  • Use call recording so you never miss a thing.

Live Chat Alternative will boost your service, sales, and conversion rate, and keep your customers happy. Just add it to your site and visitors can phone and message you in a click!

** Improve Your Marketing Efficiency **
Companies spend thousands of dollars just to attract visitors to their sites. The truth is that more than 80% of your online customers leave your website without even saying “Hello”. This happens even if the customer likes the products or services because they still have doubts and hesitations about choosing them. Make your customers feel confident that what you are selling matches up to their expectations with the Live Chat Alternative app:

– Instead of typing, you can actually talk with your website visitors.
– Get the attention of your visitors
– Build trust in your shoppers
– Increase consumer confidence
– Maximize Conversion rates

** Business Hours **
The Live Chat Alternative app can be configured according to your work time. You can adjust it to be visible during your working hours and hidden outside of them. When the call button is hidden, the message button takes its place and this way customers are served 24/7.