Created by Kewool

Professionally designed, short, engaging texts

  • Professionally designed to increase user engagement
  • Relies on academic and real-data User Experience studies to decreases bounce rate
  • Builds trust in your community, focusing on new visitors
  • A dedicated and straightforward in-app editor to edit your testimonials texts

Professionally designed from the ground up to display short testimonials/texts/quotes/tips in an engaging and non-intrusive manner to your site’s visitors, to build trust in your community.

Our rationale:
(1) The 140 characters limit is there by design, and for a reason: User Experience studies show that short texts are more likely to be consumed than longer content (this is a far less trivial fact than it sounds).
(2) Web usage studies related to the “bounce rate” of new site visitors show: every second they spend in your site counts.
(3) Web usage studies related to the design of content show: better to have a visually engaging content, but “not too intrusive” (e.g. a delicate “fade” effect vs. flashing lights).

The Testimonials App leverages on all above studies in a careful attempt to tempt the new visitors to your site to stay there just a bit more, and while at it get a feeling on what the existing user base (the ones who wrote the testimonials, for example) think about your product. Hopefully, your testimonials will convey a feeling of trust to those new visitors, and — after all — trust is what it’s all about.