Synder Insights

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Sales analytics for strategic decision making

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  • 25+ integrations available
  • Hourly data update for quick data driven decision making
  • 40+ KPIs and metrics to grow your business
  • Unlimited historical data import to identify trends and seasonality

You can get started growing your business by using Synder Insights. It is a tool that provides analysis and reports based on the raw data collected from all your connected platforms. It is easy to integrate with your website/store, as well as your payment gateways. Get up-to-date customer, product and sales reports across multiple connected channels: LTV, AOV, fees breakdown, best customer and product pairs, new versus returning customers, and over 40 other KPIs and metrics.To dig deeper into your data and understand the reasons for your ups and downs, you need to use filters and breakdowns. This will allow you to level up your performance and invest your resources better. It is important that you are able to gather insight from data and use it to formulate business strategies and accelerate your efforts in order to grow your business.