Syncee for Suppliers

Created by Syncee

Sell your products to retailers globally!

  • Quick & Easy onboarding
  • 200,000+ Potential retail partnerts
  • Automated order synchronization
  • Free solution, no hidden fees

It is easy to expand your retailer’s distribution network by selling your products to 200,000+ potential retail B2B partners around the world with Syncee, a global dropshipping and wholesale platform. It is a global B2B dropshipping and wholesale platform designed to connect retailers and suppliers. Syncee Marketplace allows suppliers to sell their products directly to retailers. You can join our community of suppliers from the United States, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia. It is free of charge for you. All product data is synced directly to your store via your platform.Syncee does not handle shipping; it is the suppliers’ duty to manage logistics. It is imperative that suppliers have real, physical product inventories and answer retailers’ questions as quickly as possible. Syncee automatically forwards orders to your Wix account, which are then paid by the retailer in Syncee. After this, you simply have to fulfill the order. You can choose between accepting payments through PayPal or Stripe to the retailer directly. Payments go directly from the retailer to the supplier through a secure channel.