Social Media Share & Follow

Created by MarketPushApps

Beautiful Social Media Share & Follow buttons.

  • Social Share & Follow: Seamlessly display social media widgets on your website. Engage visitors with two powerful options: Follow buttons to connect with social networks and Share buttons to spread the word.
  • Follow Widget: Direct visitors to social networks with a single click. Build your online presence and connect with your audience on their preferred social platforms.
  • Share Widget: Empower visitors to share your website with their friends effortlessly. Amplify your reach and drive more traffic through the power of social sharing.
  • Select from a variety of templates providing 20+ social networks, as well 90+ Social Media Icons to match any website look & feel.

With our powerful and customizable social media widgets, you can effortlessly connect with visitors and empower them to share your content with their network of friends. With our app, you can instantly connect Whatsapp, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Messenger, and many more with your friends! There are two dynamic options in our app: the Follow widget and the Share widget.The Follow widget allows you to seamlessly integrate follow buttons for popular social networks, allowing visitors to connect with your brand or profile on their preferred platforms, allowing them to seamlessly engage with your brand or profile. The Share widget is designed to amplify your website’s reach and increase traffic through the power of social sharing, ensuring that you reach a wider audience across multiple social media channels and build a loyal following.It is easy for your visitors to share your content, products, or services with their friends and followers across various social networks, so by enabling social sharing on your website, you can unlock the potential for viral exposure and organic growth in the long run.