Smart Geolocation Redirects

Created by Effective Apps

Redirect visitors to sites by their geo country

  • Instantly redirect visitors to other sites based on their geolocation country & Geo IP Address location
  • Show a customizable pop up modal with the visitor’s geolocation country flag and allow visitors to choose if they want to be redirected
  • Create multiple smart Redirection Rules to redirect visitors from specific countries to specific sites
  • Metrics & Statistics: Know the exact amount of visitors that were redirected for each Redirection Rule

Are you running multiple websites for different countries, languages or regions? Are you looking for a way to redirect visitors from certain countries to the relevant site automatically? Then we have the perfect solution for you. What Does It Do? With Smart Geolocation Rules, you can create smart redirection rules for visitors from the countries you choose to a specific URL of your choice by creating smart geolocation rules.The app will, for example, be useful if you own both a local site and an international one in your country. You can then use it to redirect international visitors from your local site to your international site if your local site is visited by international visitors. There are two types of redirections available. You can choose between an instant redirection or show your visitors a customizable popup modal to let them decide whether they wish to be redirected or not.By immediately redirecting visitors to the right one once they enter your local site, you will be able to decrease abandoned carts from visitors who enter your local site by mistake instead of the international one. Insights, Metrics, and Statistics The app logs every redirect that occurs for every Redirection Rule so you can get smart insights about your site’s visitors so you can make the right decisions for your site.