Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

Created by Simprosys Infomedia

Feed for Google Shopping, Facebook and Microsoft

  • Syncs product feed to Google Shopping, Microsoft Ads and Facebook in Real time
  • Easily Customise Attributes with Robust Filtering, Bulk Editing Options and Automated Rules which helps Boost your Shopping ads
  • Increase your visibility in Google Shopping ads by Creating Performance Max campaign within a few clicks
  • Create Promotions Feed for Google Shopping Ads and Microsoft Ads

This application allows you to submit products to Google Shopping, Microsoft (Bing Shopping) Ads, and Facebook through the Content API. Below are a few of the key features:- 1. Supports product feed submission for the following channels Free Listings on Google Google Shopping Facebook Shop Checkout on Facebook Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Instagram Shop Microsoft Shopping Ads XML feed for affiliate platforms 2. Google Shopping Ads feed submission to multiple countries 3.There are two options in the app: 1. Product submission with single or multiple categories 2. GTIN assignment option on the Variant level of the app. 5. Customizable title and description options for Shopping Ads. 4. From the app, you can set up and manage Google Performance Max and Microsoft Smart Shopping campaigns. 2. Dynamic Remarketing tagging and Conversion Tracking (also supports Enhanced Conversion Tracking) 3. Establishing the Facebook Pixel, Facebook’s Conversion API tracking, and Microsoft’s UET tag

9.Seamless integration for Google’s Delivery Speed Estimates Why choose us for your product feeds?