Simple Maps

Created by DIGITAL1

Add rich and intuitive maps to your site.

  • Easily add a map with pins for all your locations
  • Select from a variety of pin icons
  • Set driving directions for your markers
  • Add a search box that enables your visitors to search your locations

You can tag unlimited locations on the map with just a click of the app, and it was designed with simplicity in mind. As well as adding your own icons, driving directions, marker content search, rich text details balloon and much more, you can also create your own custom icons with this app! Select a marker icon from the menu. In the premium version, you have the option of adding multiple markers to the map. – You can add nicely formatted text, HTML, or images to the balloon that appears when you click on a marker.If you add driving directions to your markers, you will be able to help your users find your location more easily! – Enable a powerful search bar so that your users can easily search content of markers. – Get 100+ mark icons you can use in your map! – Add custom icons to the tagged locations in order to better represent them.