Created by Shirtee

Design & sell print-on-demand products

  • Print On Demand | Customize over 40 products with your design and we print them on demand as soon as you start selling.
  • Dropshipping | Don’t worry about warehousing or shipping. We got you covered. You take care of your designs and we do the rest.
  • Seamless sync | Seamlessly import your on Shirtee designed products into your store and sell them in your beautifully designed shop.
  • White Label | Our packaging is neutral and your customers won’t find the name Shirtee on any of their orders.

In this online store, you will be able to design and sell your own apparel collections for free! What started out as a startup idea in Cologne in 2016 has grown into a leading Print-On-Demand business in Europe, giving everyone an opportunity to become a designer in a matter of seconds. Shirtee especially places an emphasis on the importance of a transparent and sustainable production. Choose from over 40 core products. Our selection of core products can be customized with your own design.The collection includes classic T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Phone Cases, as well as a special line of items like door mats and car mats. We will be adding more as we go along. How does it work? 1. Create a Shirtee account and customize your favorite products you want to sell in your store 2. Get the Shirtee app from the Store 3. Get your customized products from Shirtee As soon as a Shirtee product is sold through your store, we receive the order and begin production.The order product will be shipped to your customer as soon as it is ready. White Label: Our packaging is neutral and there will be no Shirtee branding on any of the orders your customers place.