Smart Search by Searchanise

Created by Searchanise

Boost your sales with our advanced search app

  • Personalized AI search with typo autocomplete, spellcheck, and synonyms
  • Powerful filters that enable customers to quickly find what they need
  • Various merchandising tools to further boost the conversion rate
  • In-depth analytics to help your site grow

Using Searchanise, you will be able to provide your customers with lightning-quick site search results as well as flexible filtering tools, which will make their journey smooth and pleasant. With our search results tailored to your visitors’ behavior, we’ll keep them at your fingertips from the moment they enter something into the search bar all the way through the checkout process.In addition to our rapid search features and customized search results, we can also assist you in increasing sales by calling on our broad toolkit, which consists of product merchandising rules, redirects right from the search box to your store or your partners, as well as analytical reports. We have more than 14,000 ecommerce clients trusting our search app already, brands like Sennheiser, Durex, and MediaMarkt among them, and for good reason, too: our search app packs a lot of power into one application.