Salesdish Announcement Bars

Created by ANTDIY

Text, Free shipping, Order, Countdown, Email

  • Various Types Of Bars: Create the most fitting announcement bar for your needs. Contains Text Bar, Order Count Bar, Countdown Bar, Email Capture Bar.
  • Fully Customizable: Contains all settings you need to make it blend with your brand.
  • Easy 2 Minute Setup: Easy to install. Simply create a notification bar and activate it to appear on your store.
  • Mobile Friendly: Fully responsive across desktops and phones. Be confident that your customers will see your bars across devices.

As the name implies, Salesdish Announcement Bars is a simple, yet highly versatile app that can serve many purposes that will fit in with any situation. As a result, you can inform your visitors about your promotions and updates, capture their email addresses, offer a discount, or increase their trust by using a bar. I’d like to know what kinds of bars I can make? A text bar is a simple, static bar that displays the text you choose. This would be useful if you wanted to tell your customers about some special promotions, shipping delays, etc.This feature allows your visitors to see how far away they are from free shipping based on the shipping rules that have been set up in Wix and a fixed amount you have set. The free shipping bar will calculate and display how far away they are from free shipping based on the shipping rules set up in Wix. This bar will display the number of orders that you have on your store by using actual Wix data. This will improve the trust that your visitors have in you.The countdown timer bar can be very useful if you are running a special, limited-time promotion, since it will display a countdown until the offer expires to make the offer feel even more urgent and effective. With the Email capture bar, you will be able to capture your visitors’ email address and offer them a discount code for their participation in your store in exchange for doing so.