RumbleTalk Group Chat

Created by RumbleTalk Chat

Social group and private chat for websites

  • Group chat – a group chat for websites. Create a closed group for members only or open to all (social chat).
  • Moderated chat – for live web events where admin needs to approve every message before showing to all.
  • Experts’ chat – advise in one on one chat with live video and audio call, one can add a built in payment option.
  • Share files, images, docs, live video calls, take photos and use mentions.

Chat service for any website.

There are 3 types of chat usage
* Group chat – perfect for group discussions
* Moderated chat – perfect for live events that need to approve every message before showing to all
* Experts’ chat – perfect for live one-on-one talks

Rumbletalk has all the features you expect a chat to have and more.

Send text, audio & video messages – Chat with your community. Send text messages and audio & video messages.

Chat from anywhere – Chat using your mobile, tablet or PC.

Live Video Call – talk in one on one video call.

Your own chat theme – Choose a chat theme out of the RumbleTalk theme library.

Paying options: paywall, donations, and payment request – different payment options integrated into your chat. Charge for your time.

Share – Enrich your chat with images and videos, selfies and more

Perfect – For Live web events, Radio Shows, Stock trading Rooms, Group Chatting, Group Support, Community, Live events, Product launches and much more.