Created by FlexByt, Inc.

Display testimonials on your website in minutes

  • Import existing reviews from Google, Yelp and Apple Store
  • Review widgets 100% customizable
  • Reply to reviews
  • Request reviews from existing customers

Are you looking for a way to display business and product reviews on your website? Look no further! Display up to 15 reviews, and you only have to upgrade if you are satisfied. We offer a 7-day free trial with no obligation. There are several features offered by ReviewsJet: 1. Reviews Management – Collect and display reviews from Google, Yelp, or Apple Stores. – Collect and display product reviews – Upload existing reviews using an Excel sheet. – Send targeted emails to customers asking for valuable feedback.A review can be auto-published at your convenience, which you can enjoy with Clean Widgets. – Wall of Love: Choose from Masonry or Grid styles to create visually appealing displays. – Carousel: Engage users with Marquee or Slider options for interactive presentations. – Modal Widget: Feature a review sticker on every page, revealing a modal that displays all customer reviews. – Product Reviews Widget: Tailored for Wix Stores, gather and display product reviews with pictures that users have submitted.Automated Review Requests – Affordably trigger review requests following every checkout to ensure seamless feedback collection. Elevate your brand with authentic customer feedback from your customers.