Common Ninja Pricing Tables

Created by Common Ninja

Add Responsive Pricing Tables to Your Website

  • A Large Selection of Skins: the app features a large selection of beautiful skins for you to choose from.
  • Mobile Behavior: the app features two mobile behavior modes — Flexible and Scroll. Choose what’s best for you.
  • Animated Tables: the app features an animated mode that allows you to add some animation to your static pages.
  • Billing Cycles: the app enables you to add as many billing cycles as you want and edit them to your liking.

It is easy and straightforward to create stunning pricing tables with the Pricing Tables app from Common Ninja, which will increase your conversions and make your pricing tables look great. With it, you can improve user experience by providing customers with all the information they might need and increase conversions by enabling a quick checkout once they’ve made their decision. It is a very easy-to-use app, requires no coding knowledge, and it comes with an array of customization options.In addition to being fully responsive, it includes many features such as a large selection of skins, the ability to add billing cycles, the ability to create an animated table, as well as the ability to change the way the app behaves on smartphones. The key benefit is that you can easily provide your customers with relevant information regarding a pricing plan as well as how much it costs through the app.Your customers will be able to easily compare the different plans you offer and the features that each plan provides with this app. Better Conversions: Using a well-crafted pricing table, you will be able to nudge your customers toward choosing the plan you most desire them to choose by highlighting its benefits, features and by making the plan more visible to them.