PREMIUUM Content Monetization

Created by Premiuum Network

“Revenue-per-Link” content monetization.

  • Enables “Pay-per-Article” (text)
  • Enables “Pay-per-View” (video/stream)
  • Enables “Pay-per-Download” (audio/file)
  • Monetize “Premiering” & “Archived” Content (per video, file or document)

Premiuum is a powerful content monetization solution — “per link”.

(No PayPal, Stripe, etc. account required.)

Best for bloggers, journalists, artists, institutions, etc, vistors pay for your content via MasterCard / VISA-branded credit / debit cards.†

Premiuum installs instantly.

Then point-and-click, to administratively set price tags “per link”.

Your visitors enjoy a seamless, non-subscription-based, “pay-as-you-go” premium content experience.

Premiuum is free for all WIX Premium Members to install, configure and activate!

OUR PITCH is simple:

• Make more* money from your valued content using Premiuum

* Premiuum does not conflict with Google Ads or subscriptions.


– Installation: 0.00

– Monthly Maintenance: 0.00

– Payment Service: 10% per transaction