POWR Testimonial Slider

Created by POWR

Build credibility with dynamic testimonials

  • Customization – Slide speed, auto-repeat, layout, thumbnail previews and many more
  • CTA buttons – Embed calls-to-action to drive sales direct from testimonials
  • Image protection – Disable right-clicking to protect images from being copied
  • Autoplay – Use video testimonials that automatically begin playing

Our recommendation for social proof is to showcase your customer success stories and powerful testimonials in a slideshow. In addition to product reviews and star ratings, testimonials from satisfied customers can be a great way to build trust with prospective buyers. If you provide proof of satisfied customers to new website visitors, you can help them feel more confident about making a purchase.A testimonial slideshow will help you increase your sales and referrals by presenting the benefits of your product or service in an eye-catching way.