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Organize product pages with customizable tabs

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  • Fully open format for total customization
  • Select layout, width, style, transition speed & alignment
  • Add hyperlinks, images, HTML code + more
  • Enable hover effects – highlight or color invert

You can boost sales with product page tabs by reducing shopper confusion and improving shopper satisfaction. Optimize sales with product page tabs. The best way to maximize sales is to arrange your products by department, season, best sellers, discounted items, and more. This will make it easier for site visitors to find what they are looking for. With POWR Tabs, you can easily display product listings, size charts, return policies, and much more in less space, with more detail.Display delivery & return policies, size charts, and product description information in custom-made tabs. You can use POWR Tabs to display your brand and customize the product page tabs to fit perfectly into your site theme. You can adjust colors, fonts, spacing, and much more. POWR Tabs supports any language.