POWR Appointments Booking

Created by POWR

Ideal for meetings, appointments, events + more

  • Receive instant email alerts when a new meeting is booked
  • Use an autoresponder to let clients know they booked their time successfully
  • Integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook
  • Custom design all calendar elements to match your brand

Is your search for an appointment booking calendar app easy to use and responsive? Are you using Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook? If so, then POWR Appointments Booking is the perfect solution for you! The app can be used for scheduling events, receiving RSVPs, setting up meetings or appointments, and a whole lot more. You can also set your availability, time zone, meeting length, and any other available options such as a buffer between meetings or scheduling notice.Save valuable time by eliminating manual scheduling, cutting down on phone calls, and allowing your staff to focus on other tasks. With our app, setting up appointments is easier than ever, especially for those who work odd hours or long shifts. Online appointment booking makes it easy for staff to manage their calendars and avoid double bookings. The best thing about POWR Appointments Booking is that it is convenient for everyone.With the Pro plan, you will be able to create a customized, beautiful calendar that perfectly fits your brand, and you will be able to book appointments and schedule meetings online. The Zoom integration is coming soon, and this will be available on the Pro plan.