Paid Plan Comparison

Created by POWR

Product options, packages & plan comparisons

  • Create a side-by-side plan comparison table to showcase products, services, packages or plans.
  • List as many features as you need and show all your price options.
  • Highlight your most popular plan to get more sales.
  • Take payments or subscriptions with a ‘Buy Now’ PayPal button.

In Paid Plan Comparison, you can easily compare products, services, packages, or plans side-by-side. You can upsell to your customers by showing them other product options, or cross-sell by displaying related products to your customers. With this price comparison or display table, you will be able to show your customers your most popular packages or plans in an easy way.You can display as many features or plan details as you need and highlight the most popular plan to simplify your customer’s decision process and get more clicks on that plan. You can even use it to sell different membership options by creating recurring payments for memberships and bundling products into different plans, which is easy to use and secure. Using it, you can take payments directly from your comparison table via PayPal, so you can offer a seamless checkout process.Using Paid Plan Comparison is highly customizable: you can choose your fonts, colors, sizes, and layout options. Text can be entered in any language, and the application is mobile-friendly and works on any device. Need help? Visit the POWR Help Center for answers to common questions and for 24/7 email support.