OSI Affiliate Software

Created by OSI Affiliate Software

Affiliate software to increase sales

  • Get customers, affiliates and influencers to promote your store
  • Affiliate social media sharing
  • One click affiliate sign up
  • Use your own domain

OSI Affiliate Software is a complete affiliate and influencer marketing solution for your store. With the OSI Affiliate software wix plugin, your affiliates and brand advocates will be able to promote your brand using promotional tools within their affiliate dashboard.

How it works?
• Your affiliates sign up from your customizable sign up page
• After signing up they will receive access to a dashboard that provides a unique affiliate link and several promotional tools
• Upon promoting their affiliate link, the OSI Affiliate Wix plugin tracks referred sales and calculates an earned commission
• From your control panel you can see what is owed to your affiliates and payout commissions

Main Software Benefits
• Get influencers to promote your brand
• Turn more customers into loyal marketers
• Makes it easy to reward for referrals
• Develop partnerships to get more traffic and sales
• Get feedback for your business
• Grow your email list

Why OSI Affiliate Software Wix Plugin?
We have a proven track record of providing one of the most solid affiliate software platforms since 2006. We have a highly trained and very experienced and knowledgeable customer success team that can help you.