NetSuite Sync by Webgility

Created by Webgility INC

Connect your site to NetSuite.

  • Automatically Sync Order Info Between Your Site & Your Accounting Solution
  • Put Manual Tasks on Autopilot & Receive Notifications When Tasks are Performed
  • Publish Essential Details About Your Products From Your Accounting Solution to Your Site
  • Ensure Inventory Quantities & Pricing Are Always Up to Date on Your Site

It is an accounting automation solution that automates your ecommerce accounting, inventory, and shipping process. This saves you time and reduces errors that occur due to manual data entry. NetSuite Sync by Webgility provides you with the following benefits: Accurate Books, Always Automatically sync order information between your site and your accounting solution, such as NetSuite, so that your books are always up to date. Use NetSuite integration. Create Essential Product Listings Do not begin from scratch.Publish essential information about your products from your accounting solution to your site (or vice versa) within minutes of logging into your accounting solution. Accurate inventory counts Ensure that inventory quantities and pricing are always updated on your site, so you never oversell. Optimized Shipping & Fulfillment Getting rid of customer service headaches is as easy as automating fulfillment with UPS, FedEx,, ShippingEasy, and ShipStation.Efficient Order Management Provides real-time visibility into what orders have been placed on your site. You can process payments, generate shipping labels, handle returns and refunds, and update notes about your orders.