Low Inventory Alert by PoCo

Created by Presto-Changeo

Get notified when your stock levels are low

  • Instant Low Stock & Inventory Alerts
  • Sell More & Win More Customers
  • Monitor Your Inventory
  • Global and Specific Alerts

Rather than waste your time and energy manually monitoring your inventory levels for items that are running low or losing sales on items that are out of stock, we are here to help you focus on developing and promoting your store to increase sales, instead of worrying and wasting time manually monitoring your inventory levels. Low Inventory Alert allows you to create an unlimited number of notifications for the following conditions. Global – When any product reaches X items in stock. Product – When any specific product or variant reaches X items in stock.You will not miss out on any product that goes out of stock again with instant email notifications (sent to 1-3 email addresses) when any product using a specific Brand reaches X items in stock in a specific Collection. Brand – When any product using a specific Brand reaches X items in stock. Want to know what products are in low supply? Click the “Low Inventory Report” tab and you’ll see all the products that are running low and which you need to reorder.