Channelize Live Video Shopping

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Sales generating App for Live Selling

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  • Simulcasting: Easily Multi-stream Shopping Shows on Social Media Channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, etc.
  • Custom RTMP Support: Quickly go Live with Pre-recorded Shows with OBS, etc.
  • Product Spotlight: Effectively Spotlight Products during a live shopping show to attract buyers’ attention to them and drive Conversions
  • Other features are In-show Products Promotion, Live Chat with Pinned Messages, Analytics, Multi-host Selling, Embed Shopping Shows, New Buyers’ Interface, and Real-time Products Update, etc.

By connecting better with buyers and showcasing products, Channelize’s Live Shopping & Video Streams plugin enables brands to boost sales and improve brand perception by connecting with buyers and showcasing their products better. The result of interacting with buyers in real-time and facilitating in-context buying is that buyers are informed, trusted, and accelerated to make an incredible purchase, resulting in incredible sales. We use three components to build our Livestream Shopping App: 1. Buyer Interface: Provides a User Interface for Buyers to interact in real time.In the Production/Admin Dashboard, store admins can create and manage shopping shows. The Host App: This App enables the host / influencer / KOL / brand employee / whoever you choose as the host for each show to go live and to conduct the live shopping show. The following are some uses for brands across industries: 1. Fashion brands, jewelry brands, and accessories brands can feature close-ups of their products. 2. Skincare brands can interview dermatologists, trichologists, and other experts live.It is important for Fitness Brands to highlight the features of gym equipment and the exercises that it is suitable for, as well as the specifications of gym equipment.