Live Messenger

Created by UTORIX

Add Facebook Page Plugin to your website

  • Add Facebook Social Plugin into your WIX website
  • Add to Some or All Pages
  • Customize Everything
  • Receive Direct Messages

With Live Messenger, you can add a Facebook Page Plugin to your website and allow your customers to send messages directly to your Facebook Business Page. With this plugin, you can instantly get customer questions and answer them on the go. You can easily add the Facebook Social Plugin to your WIX website. Just add a link to the Facebook Business Page and you’re ready to go. Live Messenger is totally customizable.There are many customization options you can choose from, including resizing, configuring, and selecting the size and configuration of the chat window, picking your logo, displaying your cover photo, changing colors, and selecting fonts. IMPORTANT: Live Messenger App is not compatible with mobile phones. It is compatible with tablet screens and larger.