LionWheel Delivery

Created by LionWheel

Managing your deliveries

  • Dispatch to 200+ Couriers worldwide
  • Routes Planning and Optimization
  • Driver App – Proof of delivery, Navigation, Real-time tracking, Cash on Delivery
  • SMS Support – update your customer with SMS about their deliveries

Deliveries management solution optimized for your site.
With LionWheel you can fully control your deliveries operation, making it more efficient and customer-centric by
– Dispatching to 3rd party couriers
– Managing your on own drivers
– Save time and money using AI route planner tool

You will enjoy

– Easy to use integrations to 200+ Couriers worldwide with rich label printing and status sync and fulfillment options
– Route Planning and Optimization – easily plan and optimize your local deliveries most efficient routes – save time and hassle to the operator, drivers
– Driver App: used by driver for proof of delivery, navigation, updating statuses and with live GPS location, (both iPhone and Android)
– SMS Support: Automatic SMS notifications . As a store owner can share ETAs and other delivery related updates to improve communication with customers.