IQ Fulfillment

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Intelligent fulfillment and warehouse solution

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  • Seamless integration with your store and IQ Fulfillment
  • Automate order capturing , products and inventory sync
  • Unified dashboard for order status tracking
  • Branding tracking and email notifications for your end customers

Our fulfillment center is the first in the region to utilize advanced robotics solutions in order to provide efficient and accurate fulfillment services. Using innovative Locked Air air package protection technology, we go the extra mile to make and seal air pillows and cushions on demand to ensure your specific requirements are met and potential delays are eliminated. We use Locked Air’s innovative systems in air package protection technology.Our return management process follows system-directed procedures that are designed based on your guidelines and rules in order to ensure a simple and easy return process for your customers. Our intelligent storage area has been developed to work together with our cutting-edge WMS solutions to optimize storing SKUs according to size, quantity, and turnover rate, as well as to be able to have the right traceability and visibility of each SKU at any given time.