Created by EYEMAGINE

Import customer data into HubSpot

  • Automate and Personalize Abandoned Cart nurturing
  • Automate and personalize up-sell, cross-sell, and reorder emails
  • Laser target your one-off emails, campaigns, and product launches
  • Nurture customers to become repeat customers through Social Inbox and Smart Content

Inbound marketing software, such as HubSpot, can help you attract more visitors, convert more leads, and increase sales revenue with your business. Using HubSpot directly, your store can be connected to HubSpot and you will be able to optimize your marketing efforts. You will be able to actively gather, update, and market to your most valuable customers and convert leads into customers. You will be able to sync all of the customer information, order information, sales history, abandoned cart information, and more with your HubSpot account.The connector imports all customer and order data on an ongoing basis with an automatic synchronization schedule. This allows for marketing automation and workflows. Using the HubSpot eCommerce Bridge API, HubSpot eCommerce Bridge aggregates customer, order, and abandoned cart data, and imports it into HubSpot. With the HubSpot data imported from your store, your marketing team will be able to create marketing automation campaigns quickly, efficiently, and without the need for IT/development assistance.