Floating Icons

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  • Elevate Your Social Presence: Integrate an eye-catching floating bar that effortlessly links to your social media profiles, making it easier than ever for your audience to connect with you.
  • Supercharge Engagement: Boost your social media likes and establish credibility with just a single click, creating instant proof of your growing online influence.
  • Icon Variety, Your Style: Choose from both round and square icon shapes, allowing you to perfectly match your website’s aesthetics with our customizable design options.
  • Limitless Icon Possibilities: Access a treasure trove of social media icons as well as the freedom to create custom ones, ensuring your website’s iconography is as unique as your brand.

With Floating Icons, store owners are able to integrate social media icons seamlessly into their websites, providing a comprehensive and innovative solution designed to help them grow their business. We believe that what sets Floating Icons apart is its pioneering approach. We offer not just one icon container, but multiple icon containers. With our app, you can even design a customized navigation system for your website, improving the user experience.Take advantage of Floating Icons to stay connected with your valued customers while elevating your online presence to new heights by effortlessly staying in touch.