Flip Books

Created by Simplebooklet

Make online flipbooks from your PDFs and DOCs.

  • Turn Your PDF, DOC, and PPT Into A Flipbooklet On Your Page
  • Customize Your Booklet Presentation With Your Brand
  • Make Your Pages Interactive With Video, Narration, and Buttons
  • Progressive Web App Ready So Customers Can Install It As A Native App

Incorporating interactive digital content into your brochures, trifolds, newsletters, lookbooks, product sheets, and more will help you influence and engage your audience on your website and in other digital channels where they are active. The first impression of your marketing collateral, and the decision to open and interact with it, is driven by the expected experience and excitement to see what your marketing collateral has to offer. Your marketing collateral should behave in a similar way in the digital world as well.If you share it as a PDF, it does not, but if you use Simplebooklet, it will. With Simplebooklet, you can unlock the creative potential of your marketing collateral, and give it the power to succeed digitally. It is as simple as taking the PDF version of your marketing materials that you currently send to your printer and uploading it to Simplebooklet. You can choose from one of our professional presentations and include your logo, and then add your contact information so your audience can reach out to your company.All the rest of the work is automated by Simplebooklet. Search discovery is optimized with meta- and structured-data. Links get activated. Customers can find your content by keyword. And deep-dive analytics give you the insight to act on customer engagement.