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Carbon Neutrality for Sales Success

  • High quality carbon offsets by CNaught
  • Attract Green-Minded Customers
  • Financial Incentives for You
  • Boost Sales and Loyalty

Welcome to EcoOffset – Transform your online business into a beacon of sustainability while generating financial rewards along the way. With the integration of carbon offset products into your Wix store, customers will be able to easily offset their carbon footprint with ease, allowing you to provide them with the option of doing so. EcoOffset secures high quality carbon credits with CNaught through your CNaught Account. Financial Incentives for You: Earn up to 10% in commissions on each order. What’s the best part?Your commission fee is up to you, giving you complete control over your financial rewards. The customer pays you for the carbon credits, and CNaught bills you at 20$/t CO2e, and you keep the commission as you see fit. Getting Green-Minded Customers: Your brand can become the top choice of customers who value eco-friendly practices. Show them your commitment to the environment.As a result of aligning your business with sustainability, you will not only be able to boost sales, but you will also be able to cultivate customer loyalty from those that appreciate your dedication to the environment. Install EcoOffset and embark on a journey of sustainable growth and become a pioneer in eco-friendly commerce.