Easy Country Blocker

Created by Zendapps

Block Visitors By Country, State, IP, Bot, VPN

  • Block fraud visitor from store by Country, State, IPv4, IPv6
  • Redirect visitors to another store
  • Stop proxy, vpn & bots
  • Right Click Disable

In the online store, the store owner does not want his online store displayed in a specific country. If you are frustrated with receiving fake international orders, then the right solution is here: Meet the Easy Country Blocker App. You should not allow trespassers into your store if you don’t want to let them know about the presence of your online store in a specific country. The Easy Country Blocker app has been developed with this in mind by a range of expert app developers, taking this into consideration.It is the best app for blocking unwanted countries where the store owner does not want his or her store to be exposed to a specific location or a specific IP range. Easy Country Blocker allows the proprietor to block all undesired locations and IP ranges from his or her store.As an example, if an online retailer is operating in only his/her country of residence, but receiving orders from a country in which he/she does not have access to conduct business because of restrictions, then he or she can use Easy Country Blocker to block all countries where he/she does not want to do business.