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AutoSync sales & fees with Xero & QuickBooks

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  • Dext Commerce will auto-fetch itemized sales transactions, fees, refunds and reimbursements from all your e-commerce vendors.
  • Take your time back with powerful e-commerce accounting automation. Dext is accounting software designed to make complex tasks easy for businesses and accounting professionals alike. Customers save an average of 25 hours per month with an accounting automation solution that is unmatched in its flexibility and accuracy.
  • Publish & reconcile your data on your terms. With Dext Commerce you can publish individual transactions to your accounting software or choose to consolidate and publish your transactions by accounting period or payout settlement. And remember, a copy of your itemized transaction data is available for reference in Dext Commerce at any time.
  • Itemized taxes, globally. Associate a transaction’s itemized taxes to multiple tax rates per order for accurate tax allocation across platforms and regions to ensure you’re meeting all regulatory requirements.

With Dext Commerce, you can reconcile transactions at the transaction level in Xero and QuickBooks, as well as a variety of e-commerce platforms. It is a leading provider of accounting software for small businesses, finance teams, and CPAs, trusted by thousands of companies around the world. In addition to saving an average of 25 hours per month with powerful accounting automation, Dext Commerce goes beyond settlement files, fetching itemized transactions as well.The software allows users to publish data to Xero and QuickBooks based on their preferences, and itemized transaction data is available for reference, as well as allowing manual or automated data publishing. Global tax allocation is also supported, and years of historical data, including customer details and itemized taxes, can easily be exported. It provides an easy way to export years of historical data. By normalizing and transforming data, Dext Commerce ensures accuracy before it is published.The added benefit of having one account and subscription is that users have access to all the integrations that are supported, covering all the e-commerce vendors that you use to serve your business.