Contact Collection

Created by Contact Collection LLC

Collect more email leads directly to Mailchimp

  • Seamless Mailchimp integration
  • Fully customizable form
  • The latest feature integrations Mailchimp has to offer
  • Full GDPR Support

Contact Collection provides a seamless Mailchimp integration, a fully customizable form and a beautiful interface to help you grow your mailing lists.

Simply add Contact Collection to your site, connect your account and start collecting visitor emails. Every subscriber you get is instantly added to your MailChimp account, so you can easily reach out to them with mailers, promos newsletters and more. Don’t settle for a white generic embedded form that won’t fit your website. Install Contact Collection.

* Use Mailchimp Groups to be GDPR compliant
* Utilize the new Mailchimp Tags feature
* Instantly get notified about new subscribers
* Know where your subscribers are from using our location integration with Mailchimp
* Personalize everything about this form with a few clicks
* Easily customize your layout, design & more
* No coding required

Contact Collection cares about your user’s privacy, we don’t save any of your user’s information, once we send you the submission its data is completely removed from our servers.