Common Ninja Charts & Graphs

Created by Common Ninja

Add Beautiful Charts & Graphs to Your Website

  • A Large Selection of Chart Types: The app features 20 different types of charts you can choose from to deliver the info.
  • Multi-Source Data Import: you can convert any CSV file into an interactive chart or connect it to remote URLs.
  • Endless Design Options: The app offers full customization options through which you can control every design element.
  • Easy of Use: The app is easy to use, has an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard and requires no coding knowledge.

You can add a wide variety of beautiful charts to your website with Common Ninja’s Charts app. Through it, you can provide clear data that will assist you in making better decisions, provide a visual representation of your strategy and make your information stand out! It is easy to use, requires no coding knowledge, and provides you with full customization options. It is fully responsive, features a variety of chart types, the ability to gather information from a wide range of sources, auto-refreshing, and a lot more!*** Key Benefits ***
—————————— Improve & Expedite the Decision-Making Process: With the app, you can improve and expedite the decision-making process by providing your readers with easy-to-follow information. Using this app, you can quickly and easily summarize large amounts of information so that it becomes more accessible to you and you get a better understanding of different topics more quickly. You can compare your outputs and quarterly yields, learn fun facts, and forecast future results.Enhance your website’s design and enhance your users’ experience on your website by using the app: The app enables your website’s information to be presented in a visually appealing way that can complement your website’s design and enhance your users’ experience on your website.