Automagico – Bulk registration

Created by Empreender

Easily register bulk products with image

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  • Ease of bulk product registration
  • SKU, warranties and pricing added once for multiple products
  • Customizable templates
  • Support via WhatsApp 7 days a week

Select all the photos of all the products you want to sell and that’s it. It’s just a few details and variations. Your store is full of goods, as if by magic.

What is Automagic?
Developed by Empreender, Automagico is a product import facilitation and automation tool. Thus, it is no longer necessary to import product by product. A tool for those who want agility when importing products.

How many products can I import at once?
Currently the application allows the import of up to 100 products at once.

What is the maximum size for product photos?
Automagico accepts photos up to 2MB.

While you spend hours importing your products one by one to your store, your competition invests in their own business and leaves you behind. That’s why Automagico creates dozens of products automatically based on photos.

One of the most important lessons of entrepreneurship is that you can be making money anytime – even in your sleep, like dropshipping. That is, if you are wasting your precious time on repetitive tasks, you are actually losing money.