Audio Recorder

Created by The Wix Wiz

Audio Recorder: Capture Sound. Simply

  • Record Audio
  • Replay Audio
  • Upload Audio Directly to Media Manager

The Live Recording Timer is an easy way to capture audio in real-time with a clear indication of the duration of the recording, allowing you to keep a precise record of what you captured in real time. The Instant Playback feature allows you to review your recording immediately after it’s been stopped, ensuring it meets your standards before continuing. You can save your recording to your media manager for future access or cancel it to start over, allowing you to be in total control of your creative process. How it Worked:

1.Record: Click to start recording and watch the elapsed time as your audio masterpiece unfolds. Playback & Decision: You can stop the recording at any time, listen to it immediately, and choose whether you want to save it, cancel it, or make any adjustments to it. 3. Save to Media Manager: Opt to save your recording, effortlessly uploading it for future retrieval. Full documentation: https://sable-snowshoe-833. notion.