All-in-One Ninja Widget Suite

Created by Common Ninja

Supercharge your website with 100+ widgets

  • Full Customization — the widget suite is fully customizable and can be customized to fit any design requirement.
  • SEO & Mobile-Friendly — in a mobile-first world, Common Ninja’s mobile-friendly widgets are a welcome addition to any website.
  • Premium Support — we value our customers and offer premium support and quick reply times.
  • Easy To Use — our intuitive editor is simple-to-use, and requires no coding knowledge or skills.

Common Ninja’s Widget Suite — The Best Widgets For Your Wix Website

The Common Ninja Widget Suite offers more than 100 powerful widgets for Wix websites, all of which are easily accessible and manageable from a single dashboard. With the ever-growing suite, you can drastically enhance your website’s design and functionality and greatly improve engagement with and on your site, as well as its conversion rates. The widgets are easy to use, require no coding knowledge, are mobile-friendly, and come with useful and efficient features.

The widgets include:
3D Cards, Animated Number Counter, Announcements, Audio Player, Before & After Slider, Company Branch Flip Cards & List, Countdown Bar, Coupon Bar, Device Mockup, Event Flip Cards & List, Feeds, FAQ, Flip Cards, Image Hotspot, Info List, Logo Slider, Notification Bar, Opening Hours, PDF Viewer, Product Blobs, Progress Bars & Circles, Restaurant Menu Flip Cards & List, Skill Flip Cards & List, Stories, Team Member Flip Cards & List, Testimonials Slider, Reviews, and many more!